Commercial Storage Manufacturer Production & Design

Our commitment to helping build a greener future

From research and development through design and production, we focus on adding value to your business operations

Commercial Storage Manufacturer

I JANG manufactures a wide range of customizable steel shelving, retail and industrial storage and storage products. From basic design principles through advanced research and development, we aim to maximize the efficiency of your storage space to help you increase productivity.Our advanced production lines are capable of manufacturing kitchen storage, medical storage, manufacturing storage, mobile storage, retail, and production line storage to the highest standards including compliance with clean room, food service, and healthcare storage requirements.
  • Clean Rooms & Medical Storage
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Storage
  • Steel Shelving & Racking Systems
  • Retail & Display Storage Systems
  • Catering & Kitchen Storage
  • High Density Storage Solutions

State of the art manufacturing scheduling and control systems

Real-Time Production Data

Our real-time scheduling and production management systems support efficient order processing and manufacturing, This enables us to maintain a workflow that is continuously optimized to ensure our customers get their completed storage solutions from us on-time, every time.

Our expertise, and experience as Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of shelving and storage has been built on incorporating smart design and production systems into our business processes. As world markets and demands have changed, we have adapted to meet every new challenge.

Health & Safety

Industrie 4.0

Production Automation

Research & Development

Developing applications for specialized alloys in stainless steel & aluminum
  • Customization of specialized material applications
  • Diversification of product lines & suitable uses
  • Adding value to storage products
Automated manufacturing and continuous process efficiency improvement
  • Improving production technology to sustain product quality standards
  • Process automation reduces user error and health & safety risks
  • Cybernetic production management improves business efficiency
Product development for medical care applications
  • Specialist designs for hospital and pharmacy storage applications
  • Functional and customized product development
  • High-quality. high-technology products
German craftsmanship improves competitiveness
  • Following German craftsmanship principles by apprenticeship training
  • Improves design capabilities and manufacturing technology
  • Technological innovations enhance competitive advantage