Embedding Sustainability

Our commitment to helping build a greener future

A greener manufacturing future with solar power

Solar Power On Site

During 2021 the rooftop solar power plant at our main production site produced 522,042kW of electricity. Our solar system saved the equivalent of 289 tons of carbon emissions compared to relying on coal, oil or gas power.

Energy Saving Upgrades To Plant & Office Equipment

Changes in our corporate strategy for energy use demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable production principles.

Starting in 2013, we integrated environmental protection through energy saving measures into our forward planning. In 2014, we installed high-efficiency lighting and replaced inefficient air-conditioning with a total heat exchanger system.

  • Administration Building air conditioning upgrade reduces annual electricity consumption by 132,670kWh and saves 472.305 thousand yuan per year.
  • Renewal of the plant air compressor system saves 111,773kWh of electricity and NTD397.912 thousand in energy costs each year.
  • Installation of energy-saving lamps in offices and workshops reduces electricity consumption by 42,058kWh and saves 149.726 thousand yuan per year.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle - the 3R foundations for a greener future

Founded On Sustainable Business Practices

Our commitment to renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions demonstrates the green principles that underpin our business philosophy. We also demonstrate our broader commitment to a sustainable future through our business practices. Reduction of materials used in production processes is a significant factor driving sustainable manufacturing. Innovative design of racking, shelving, and storage solutions enables us to reduce material requirements without affecting performance.

A benefit of maintaining strength and structural functionality with reduced materials is an increase in mobility, making our systems easier to install, adapt and customize, which increases their useful life, reducing the volume of end of life waste.

We manufacture the majority of our products in stainless steel and other ferrous metals that are easily recycled, and readily available from recyclers. Plastic components are responsibly sourced and are also recyclable.