CSR Management Policy

Committed to a healthy, happy working & living environment

Maximise food safety with our range of commercial kitchen storage products

Staff Cafeteria Provides a Healthy Mediterranean Diet

The health and well-being of our employees is very important to us, and we ensure our cafeteria provides healthy and nutritious meals for our staff. Following experience with living overseas in Australia and working with European customers, our CEO settled on Mediterranean cuisine as providing the optimum health benefits.

The Mediterranean diet of Greece and the cuisine found on the southern coasts of Spain, France and Italy are the inspiration for our cafeteria meals. Combining colorful seasonal vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts, fish, seafood, and olive oil to prepare deliciously fragrant dishes.

Medical research suggests the “Mediterranean diet” is good for your health and increases life expectancy. We use locally sourced ingredients to minimise our carbon footprint, but cooking methods and EU certified Extra Virgin olive oil to achieve a genuine Mediterranean flavor.
Mediterranean Cafeteria Features :
  • Locally sourced ingredients reduce carbon footprint
  • Self-service minimises food waste
  • Minimum use of cooking oil for healthier food and reduced pollution

Occupational Health & Safety Management System ISO45001:2018

To protect the rights, interests and well-being of employees, we implement all procedures in full compliance with labor laws and regulations. To establish a safe workplace and prevent work related injuries and diseases, we provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace that is certified as meeting the standards set by ISO45001:2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.

Supporting Staff Health, Welfare & Financial Security

We arrange regular workplace visits by medical staff to care for the physical and mental health and well being of our employees. In addition, we provide a comfortable lounge for employees to enjoy rest breaks away from the busy work environment.

The departmental training plan sets achievable promotion standards for personnel in each department, and requires departments to prepare effective training materials to assist employees in following a steady and appropriate promotion pathway that is tailored to their needs.

Our business philosophy emphasises integrity, teamwork, efficiency, innovation, and sharing. We communicate with our employees openly and sincerely, encourages R&D and innovation, and we allocates 15%-18% of pre-tax earnings every year to be distributed as employee performance bonuses.

  • Workplace medical checkups and care
  • Effective training plans for personal progression
  • Employee performance bonuses